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What are the important things to do for proper weather strip installation?

Weather strip or bottom seal installation can be tedious and difficult to properly finish. Our garage door repair experts offer two reminders for an efficient and well-done installation. First, position the weather strip in a way that the overhang extends to the inside and, the second, not to cut the weather strip until around 90% of it has been attached to be able to cut just the right length.

How can you make your garage door safe for your children and pets?

A number of things should be done to ensure a safe garage door. First, if you have a garage door opener, you need to make sure that it has a working safety reversal feature. Next, you have to make regular garage door maintenance a habit. Also, repairs should be done as soon as defects are detected.

Can anyone install my garage door opener?

You shouldn’t allow someone without the appropriate amount of training and experience to install your garage door opener. The opener is a motorized piece of equipment. If it isn’t handled correctly, it could become dangerous. Specific safety precautions are necessary when installing an opener.

Are there benefits of a steel door over a wooden one?

Steel doors require much less maintenance than wood doors. Typically a wooden door needs frequent painting because of rain and general weathering. Steel doors also will usually have a longer warranty and they can be insulated to make them much more energy efficient than wood doors. Steel doors are also pre-painted in a wide variety of colors while wood doors are usually unfinished and need to be painted when installed. Contact us and choose the perfect steel door for your home's décor from our wide selection of models today.

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