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You might not think much of your garage door, but there is a lot it can do if you pay enough attention to it. Let the garage door company / contractor San Bernardino show you how a simple gadget such as this can improve the esthetic value of your home. Another very important aspect is of course, the security and safety it provides as this provides entry access to your home.

Gone are the days when any garage door would do.

Garage Door CompanyNow, there are many types each one better than the other, each one meant to provide certain customized functions that would make your life easier and your home prettier. Function wise you have four types of garage doors, i.e. (i) up-and-over doors, (ii) side-hung doors, (iii) sectional doors and (iv) roller doors. From the esthetic point of view the choices are even better – you have:

•    Wood – needs periodical maintenance such as scrapping and painting to prevent rotting from absorbing water from the atmosphere. The advantage is that it is beautiful, provides optimal insulation, operates quietly are very versatile in looks and it can fit into any budget.

•    Steel – is the lowest in cost today and therefore most popular. You can have these doors in any color, are professionally insulated and demand little or no maintenance at all. The drawbacks to this type of door is that is bends easily, rusts if it is scratched (which it will definitely be), and it can become pretty noisy over the years. These doors can be painted in any color; however, wood finish do not look good here as the wood grain does not catch well giving it a false look.

•    Vinyl – this is what you should have if you want completely maintenance free. This does not rust, crack, dent, or scratch. These doors too are professionally insulted and work without noise. The cost of these doors is high, but if you note that there is no maintenance in the long it will be the most cost effective. These types however are difficult to find and often need to be ordered right from their factory. You can have these painted in any color you want or give it a wood finish.

•    Wood composite – this is an environmental friendly solution to your garage door needs. It would give you huge personal satisfaction to know that garage door company / contractor San Bernardino can offer you such doors that are exclusively made out of recycled material. These doors offer the advantage of no maintenance and the visual elegance of wood. You can also match the paint color to your doors and windows or the façade of your home.

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